Newborn Baby Essentials


Congratulations on the birth of your child, welcome to the world of parenting, good luck. This is the start of your journey into parenthood. It won’t just come all at once, it will take time to learn how to be a parent, some people are naturals and some struggle with the learning curve of a newborn baby in their life.

Getting ready to welcome your bundle of joy into your home. You won’t need too much just yet with a newborn baby. They are pretty much Eat Sleep, S**t repeat machines. Oh and they cry in between all of these.

So Dad’s here is a brief rundown of the essentials you will need for a newborn baby.

  • Nappies – You know you need them, you know what they do, my advice, have plenty of them. Check out the guide on nappies here.
  • Baby Wipes – Seriously, you can not have enough of these. There are other ways to clean your baby, but these are a godsend. Have a look at our handy guide on baby wipes and cleaning options here.
  • Feeding Newborns – There are two main options for feeding a newborn, using breast milk or using a formula. More options here.
  • Furniture – For such a small person, they certainly have a lot of furniture, you will be surprised by what they all need. Some are essential and make life so much easier, you can see our recommendations here.
  • Travel Options – You have to have a suitable car seat, pram, buggy etc before you can get your little one out and about safely. Have recommendations for some of the best ones here.

You can also find out sneaky hacks that dad’s have discovered to make their life easier by going to the Hacks section. If you have a hack that you can share with us, send it over to us using the form below.

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