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Welcome to dadhacks.co.uk, a hive of hacks, tips, and tricks for new dads.

Having just become a dad myself, I thought about starting a blog to document the journey I would travel with my new family. So if like me you need a little help and inspiration, then let’s gather all the resources in one spot to make it much easier for us new dads.

Just think of this like a shopping trip where you know what you want and you go straight to get it. That’s what I want this blog to be like. Your one stop shop for all the advice, tips and tricks new dads needs.

Its tough being a new dad, the amount of stuff you need to remember to do can be overwhelming, so I decided to make this website to help you as much as possible. If you have your own little hacks, then please share them with the rest of us. Anything to help get us get our little ones through the day is going to be a god send.

With lists of tips and tricks of the different subjects. We can provide each other with as much information as we can. We appreciate that every situation is different, so these will be general tips. But that is where you can help us out. Let us know your experiences and help out

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